Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

Adding a blog to your small business website is the perfect way to increase your authority as the local expert, attract new customers, and engage your customers. If you already have a website, we can easily integrate a blog into it and you will be able to add blog posts about your business, your market and your community.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Small Business Website:

1) Blogs increase website traffic: New customers find your blog through the search engines. Typing a search term or question into the search bar and the results are displayed.  Where the blogging comes in is each time you make a new post, you have the potential to rank and display for various search terms. Now instead of just showing up when someone types your business name in, you can get traffic from more and more keywords each time you keep adding blog posts. Websites that are blog based also increase the size of your site and the relevant keywords your blog contains.

2) Blogs show off your expertise: By writing on topics in your industry you will brand yourself as an expert in your local area. Restaurants should have their chef blog about cooking and share recipes with customers. Retailers can write on interior design, fashion, new books out or whatever is related to their industry. Think about your own spending habits for a minute…are you more likely to spend money with someone you view as an authority in your market or just a random restaurant or retailer?

3) Blogs educate customers: Blogs can become your passive salesperson. Blog about new products and your reviews. This allows customers to become educated consumers and they will feel confident spending their money with you. Helping customers by educating them about your products and services creates loyal customers and in turn higher sales.

4) Blogs improve your website’s ranking: With each new blog post come back links, syndication and more pages to index for the search engines. Set your blog posts up to be syndicated through your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Your followers and fans can retweet and post links on their wall which can lead to viral traffic with each new post. With static websites there is not as much opportunity for this to happen.

5) Blogging will increase sales: Blogging can bring in more sales over time as customers learn about you, develop comfort by learning from your posts and more traffic to your site from more pages indexed translates into increased offline sales

Blogging doesn’t have to be a chore, just let your natural voice show through in your writing and the rest will take care of itself. It is a little technical to add a blog to an existing website, but we can handle this easily for you and give you a quick lesson on small business blogging and you will be up and blogging on your own in no time.

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