56 New Spraying Leads In The First 4 Weeks

“I’m thrilled with the results so far and I’m in the process of expanding our teams to accommodate the growing demand.” – Craig, Director, Ecospray (North West) Ltd


Ecospray UK are based in the North West of England and have helped thousands of homeowners over the past 6 years change the look of their kitchens and uPVC window frames by spraying instead of replacing them. 

They have quite a large following on their Facebook business page too with over 100 excellent reviews, a 4.9/5 rating plus an extensive portfolio of before and after photos.

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Ecospray (North West) Ltd

uPVC and Kitchen Spraying

Generate a consistent pipeline of high quality leads every week.

Google Ads with custom landing pages.

56 leads generated in the first 4 weeks, with a cost per lead of £13.76.


We were referred to Craig at Ecospray UK by one of our current clients so we arranged a quick discovery call to find out more and see if we could help out.

Craig was looking to generate more consistent and higher-quality leads for his uPVC & Kitchen Spraying business.

Ecospray had been running Facebook ads to generate new leads and they used to perform well, however, over the past few months, the performance had slowly degraded.

Craig had been told about the results our customer was currently getting so he was interested to hear if we could do the same for Ecospray UK.

After our quick chat and some research into their target market, we sent over our proposal.

The target we set was: within the first 3 months of the campaigns being live, with an agreed ad spend budget (based on our projections) we aim to be generating at least 45 leads/month within 3 months.

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We recommended running Google ads initially to quickly get in front of people who were actively searching in Google to get their kitchen or uPVC windows sprayed.

And because it was a new Google Ads account, they received £400 credit in ad spend after they’d spent £400, which was a great bonus to get them going.

Ecospray didn’t have a website at the time due to a previous agency going bust and they lost access. So we offered to create a temporary home page as part of the deal as well as targeted landing pages for the campaigns.

Having a home page would look better to prospective customers if they clicked away from the landing page. Plus, they would also get traffic and leads from google local listings too. This would be an added bonus for them.

The total setup took 2 weeks for us to gather all the relevant information like images, testimonials etc.


We designed Ecospray UK a new home page, created their campaigns, wrote all their ads and designed the campaign landing page.

We also set Ecospray up in our Lead Management System which tracks all phone calls and enquiry form fills, plus quote and sales values.

Next, we set them up in our 3rd party Click Fraud detection software to combat any click fraud that may happen.

Ecospray’s kitchen respraying campaign was launched first because it was just out of season for uPVC spraying.

We decided to go quite broad with our match types initially to increase our reach and mine for converting keywords.

With regards to bidding, we started with manual CPC until we get enough conversion data in the account. Once we achieve enough conversions, we will run an experiment to test Google’s automated building system against our own manual bidding formula. Check below for the results.



Kitchen Respraying
Within the first 4 weeks of the kitchen respraying campaign being live, the results were:

43 leads
£12.85 per lead

Their custom landing page was converting 13.29% of visitors into leads for Ecospray. 

These results were obtained with only a 25.13% impression share. 64.75% of available impressions were lost due to budget. Which means we could have generated a lot more leads if the budget was available. However, Craig wanted to allocate more of  the overall budget to the uPVC Spraying campaign. 

uPVC Spraying
2 weeks later we launched the uPVC spraying campaign which run concurrently for the last 2 weeks of the initial 4 week period and had the following results.

13 leads
£16.77 per lead

Their custom landing page we designed converted 10.24% of visitors into leads.

The impression share was 65.56% with 13% lost to budget. More budget was allocated to this campaign by request of the client.

Overall Total

So, in the first 4 weeks of their ads being live, we generated a total of 56 leads from Google Ads campaigns, at £13.76 per lead.

This surpassed our 3-month target of 45 leads/month – in the first 4 weeks!

There was an overall total of 63 leads generated in that 4 week period. The extra 7 came from social media and Google’s local results. 

We track all our clients leads, so we know exactly where they all came from. This is crucial information to know so you can allocate marketing budget to the best performing channels.

Jobs Booked

We’re still waiting for the total jobs booked and revenue figures from Ecospray and will add them as soon as they become available to us.


We had a catch-up call with Craig about the results and he was over the moon. Craig was not only impressed with the volume of leads, he said the leads are a lot better quality than what they were getting from Facebook Ads.

As of the time of writing this, their lead-to-sale close rate was currently running at 90% for last week’s quotes given out. This is phenomenal.

For Facebook Ads, their lead-to-sale closure rate was around 40% so this is a massive difference which directly improves their bottom line.

Craig is now expanding his teams to cope with the new demand.

Overall this is a fantastic result for Ecospray so far and we are only just into month 2. Once Craig has expanded their teams, more budget can be allocated to generate more leads, growing their business further. 




Leads Generated

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Cost per Lead



Our uPVC & Kitchen Spraying business began to face challenges in generating consistent, high-quality leads. That's when a friend recommended Ian from Expose Profits, who had been managing their ads. Within just a month of our ads going live, we received over 50 leads, which led to our schedule being fully booked for the next few months. I'm thrilled with the results so far and I'm in the process of expanding our teams to accommodate the growing demand. I'm eager to see where this journey takes us and recommend Expose Profits to anyone seeking to boost their leads and grow their business.
Tom Kemp Bespoke Finishings
Director, Ecospray (North West) Ltd


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