5 Quick Tips for Google Places Optimization

Google Places is the official local business directory of Google and one of its benefits is that it enables your local business to easily get found by prospects in your area. Another one of the many benefits of Google places is you don’t need a website, all you need is a well optimized Google Places listing.

Implement all 5 tips below and you WILL see results;

Claim your Listing

First, go to Google places main page to claim your listings if you haven’t done that yet. Ever wondered if your business was already listed on Google? You can find out and if it has already been listed, you would want to confirm and claim it as the business owner or else you won’t be able to edit and optimize your listing.

Accurate Contact Details

Secondly, provide correct and appropriate information about your business’ location. This is a very crucial step and one that may occasionally end up being wrong if someone else placed the information. Type in your own business name, address, and contact number so it is the same information linked to your local phone company and your website. Avoid using a number that you use for tracking purposes except if this is the number you are using for all your company’s information online.

Make sure to add your site address and try out the web page link. You would be stunned to find out that there are some listings that have a link to the Google maps page instead of their business website. Make use of all 5 “business category” tags, including your own company name and the specific category for your business. Use the “Additional Information” portion of the account to incorporate brands of products which you sell as well as associated services that are included.

Load Photos and Videos

Next, upload at least 10 photos showing everything about what you offer including your products and services. Include images that would make customers want to come into your establishment; post your awards and other brand enhancing photographs. Also, insert at least 5 video clips for more customer information. It is most helpful if 3 videos are about customer testimonials the other videos could be a welcome or an introduction message and then the closing video is to invite and encourage consumers to buy or try your products and services.

Customer Reviews

I know that every good marketer understands the importance of customer reviews and feedbacks. Create a system to have your customers share reviews and or comments on your Google Places listing. You should aim to have at least 10 reviews submitted monthly. You can offer your customers incentives like coupons if they leave you a review online.


If it happens that your business moves to different location, make sure you update your Google Place first. You always want the information up to date. Additionally, it is much more complicated and tough to remove and delete old places listings. Whenever there is a change to your business information, make sure your listing is updated or else it could affect your ranking.

If implement these 5 simple tips today you’ll start to see your Google Places listing rise up the Google search results. How fast this happens will depend on how competitive your market is. For very competitive markets more work will be needed.

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