How To Stop Display Ads Showing in Mobile Apps

Mobile App ads can be fruitful in some industries, however if like Expose Profits, this type of traffic is not good for conversions, then how do you stop display ads showing in mobile apps?

Here’s a quick guide showing you how to and when implemented will save you a ton of money on none targeted traffic….

1. Select your campaign


Login to your Adwords account and select your display network campaign.

Click the Display Network tab

Then click on Placements

2. Add an exclusion


Scroll down the the bottom of the page and click on EXCLUSIONS

3. Add an exclusion


Click on site category options and then scroll down until you see In-game.

Click the grey box where the green button is and it will turn in a no entry sign.

Check other options whilst your there like Sexually Suggestive for example, which for the majority of us, will not be a target site.

4. Finish Up


Once you’re done, click on Close and then save.

That’s it all done.

You’ve now stopped paying for clicks by happy kids or mobile users with big fat fingers 🙂

Check your dimensions tab in a few days time and you should see that all mobile app traffic has gone!

If you have any questions leave me a comment below.

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