expose profits call tracking“Put Your Money Where Their Mouth Is…Track Your Calls and Improve Your Return on Ad Spend!”

Marketing can be a frustrating process. As a business, you understand how important it is to market your company, but knowing just where to invest your marketing budget can feel like a real challenge.

Taking the Mystery Out of Phone Calls

It’s important to keep tabs on how well your online marketing campaigns are performing. Otherwise, you run the risk of investing money without any significant return.

Thankfully, as a general rule, businesses are becoming more aware of how to track their online performance. There are a variety of excellent methods to ensure that every digital marketing campaign is running on optimum and that every click-through counts.

However, for many companies, customers who choose to pick up the phone are still something of a mystery.

How did they find your company? If they found your details online, which channel did they come through, Google organic, Google Adwords, Facebook?

If you use Adwords as part of your overall digital marketing strategy then what search terms did they enter to find you before they called? What keywords work well in terms of conversion rate and meaningful enquiries, and which ones are underperforming?

Discovering More About Your Marketing Performance With Call Tracking

Expose Profits can help you to discover all the information you require, with a highly specialised and targeting Call Tracking Service.

How does it work?

A call tracking system enables you to:

  • Track all phone calls and identify exactly what keywords were employed to locate your business online (please note, Google only provide less than 10% of keyword data no non adwords users).
  • Analyse your marketing spend and gain a competitive edge in the market, with additional insight that many other businesses simply will not have.
  • Identify missed calls with helpful email alerts.
  • Call record, giving your company a valuable opportunity to replay the call and use it for training purposes.

return on investment

Our call tracking system is cloud based, and it’s easy to integrate it into your existing system. It’s highly cost effective, and can really help to increase the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Now!

Expose Profit’s Call Tracking Service allows you to monitor your leads far more efficiently, taking the mystery out of phone leads, and allowing you analyse exactly how well your online marketing campaigns are working for your business.

  • Identify the exact keywords that your customers are using to locate your business.
  • Assess your ROI (Return on Investment) and adjust your online campaigns to maximise profit.
  • Never lose a customer again with the missed call identification tool.
  • Take your insight of your marketing campaigns to a whole new level!

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