Google Plus Custom URLs

Yesterday, Google finally brought out Google Plus custom URLs for Google Plus pages. As of writing this post they aren’t quite fully customisable  yet as they reserve a URL for you based on the name of your page and you can either accept it or not.

So for Expose Profits they gave us this one:

I would of liked to capitalise the P in profits but it wouldn’t let me. That may change over time as they have literally just be announced. The captial doesn’t actually matter, I was just being picky for aesthetic reasons 🙂

How do I claim my Google plus custom URL?

If you have a Google+ page you should of received an email from them telling you about the custom URL, first just click on the Get URL button:

G plus custom URL step 1






Then click change URL:

G Plus Custom URL Step 2










Now Click Confirm Choice and you’re done.

G+ Custom URL Step-3








Google have took their time getting these custom URLs out there but its a welcome change from the not so user friendly:

Google are certainly putting more and more effort into Google Plus, however it has a lon way to catch the social media 900lb gorilla that is Facebook!


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