Google My Business Auto Verify Announcement

google my business auto verifyGreat news, Jade Wang from Google announced in a google product forum that you may now be instantly verified for Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places or Google Local or Googel+ Local) if you have a webmaster account that already has the URL verified within it.

To verify your site within Google Webmaster Tools you just need to upload an html file, which you download from them, to your website.

Why is this great news?

Well it used to take around 2-3 weeks to verify your Google My Business Account via a postcard being sent to your door and now it can be done pretty much automatically (if your business category is legible)

So if you’d like automatic verification of your Google My Business account;

  1. Make sure you use the same Google account for Webmaster Tools and your Google My Business Page
  2. Verify your website in webmaster tools, if you’ve not ready
  3. Create and verify your Google My Business Page, if you don’t know how to do this, see their help page here

In my opinion, this is a lot better system and will get your Google My Business page up and running pretty much instantly, if you’re legible!

They don’t however, provide a list of categories that are legible.

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