Google Adwords Consultants in St Helens Offer £147 Adwords Audit For Free

For a limited time only, you can get a Google Adwords audit from proven, experienced Google Adwords Consultants, which normally costs £147 for free.

I can’t keep this offer open to everyone though, so after 20 audits have been completed, the offer will close and it will go back to £147

How will an Adwords Audit benefit your business?

Well, if you’ve setup your Adwords account yourself or if its been setup by Google Adwords consultants who don’t really know what they’re doing, then this could be costing your business a lot of money and you won’t even know it!

For example, default values in Adwords are not always the best for your campaigns and could be making Google a lot more money than they’re making you!

Are you using Broad match? Are you targeting the right people?

This a a very small sample of the we check during the Adwords audit.

All we’ll need to get started is ‘read only’ access to your Google Adwords account and within 48 hours I’ll get back to you to arrange a time to meet in person or via Skype, to go over my findings and show you where you’re account is losing money.

Google Adwords is an excellent source of traffic, but if you’ve never spent the time to learn how to setup and run campaigns properly then you’re probably wasting a lot of money every day.

How can you be certain we know what we’re talking about?

Easy, just type ‘expose profits st helens’ (without quotes) into Google to read reviews about Expose Profits

Don’t forget, we’re only offering this free Adwords audit to a limited amount of businesses, so if you want free advice from an experienced Google Adwords Consultant which could potentially save you money….

Give me a call today on 01744 33 32 31


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