Google Ads for Small Budgets

Enterprise level expertise, affordable rates

Who Are Small Budget Plans For?

We created our Small Budget Plans to cater for clients who want a more affordable fee for Enterprise level Google Ads management. Clients who don’t require lots of communication and just want a highly skilled, PPC specialist, to manage their campaigns and get the best results possible from their monthly ad spend.

Benefits of Small Budget Plans

affordable google ads fees

Affordable Fees

You get highly skilled, Google Ad specialists managing your campaigns for an affordable fee.

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Cancel Anytime

We don't believe in long-term contracts. You can cancel at anytime. Just email us.

exclusive business deal


We consider you a partner and work exclusively with your business in your industry and target area.

ppc experts

Advanced PPC Knowledge

We have over 10 years experience managing profitable Google Ads campaigns.

daily monitoring ad campaigns

Daily Monitoring

We monitor and analyse your campaigns daily so we can keep driving positive results.

live dashboards for reporting

Instant Reporting

Access to live dashboards to see exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Here's a big list of Google Ads tasks you'll never need to worry about again

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks to Expose Profits, I get around a 10:1 return on my investment, which I'm more than happy with and it keeps me very busy".
Andy Duncan
Andy Duncan
Business Owner
"Ian has assisted our business to increase its online sales by over 40% within the three months of implementing his advice".
Nigel Geary
Nigel Geary

Small Budget Plan Pricing

£0 - £3k/month in Google Ad spend

£ 499
Per Month

Over £3k/month in Google Ad spend

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FAQ for Small Budget Plans

Most frequently asked questions and answers about our Small Budget Plans

Custom landing pages are not included in the Google Ads for Small Budgets plans. However, we can design landing pages for your campaigns at an additional cost.

Custom image ad and video ad creatives are not included in the Google Ads for Small Budgets plans. However, we can design these for you at an additional cost.

We use Google Data Studio for live reporting dashboards. This means you can see how your campaigns are performing anytime you like, without even logging into your Google Ads account.

We understand communication is key to a  long term business relationship. However, so we can offer such low fees, communication is limited to emails, which will be answered within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

What happens next?

Still not sure if Small Budget Plans are for you? Let us analyse your account and see if we can help – no obligation.  Click the FREE ANALYSIS button below to get started.

Free Analysis

We carry out a free analysis of your account before you sign up for anything. This is so we can see if we can help you or not, no obligation.

Account Setup

First, we learn about your target audience through asking you questions and our own research. We then build you custom campaigns, optimised for your target audience.

Ongoing Optimisation

Over the past 11 years, we've built tried and tested optimisation processes to get the best results from your ad campaigns. Some of these we now automate through software, which is a big reason why we can offer such low fees in our Small Budget Plans.