The All New Facebook For Business Portal

Facebook have made it even easier for businesses to market themselves more effectively on their Social Media platform by creating a Facebook for Business Portal.

Section 1 provides you with key business benefits to having your own Facebook business page with a nice handy link that takes you straight to the ‘create page’ section.

Section 2 has a couple of questions to help you identify who your audience actually is. Who are your customers? What do they have in common; How old are they? Knowing who your customers are is very powerful information to have when marketing your business.

Section 3 provides you with some quick tips on how to create compelling content that works for your business.

Section 4 is about their Ads. Facebook ads can be very powerful mainly due to the shear amount of data people store about themselves in Facebook. If you’re a business who knows its target audience then you can really drill down and target them.

For example, if you wanted to target only 35-45 year old females with 2 kids and likes golf, you can. And although Facebook is a Social Media platform and a lot of people are not in buying mode it’s still extremely powerful to be able to target to such a degree.

Finally Section 5 covers measuring and adjusting. Facebook have a tool called Page Insights that help you understand which of your content is getting the most traction and could potentially go viral.

Overall, the Facebook for Business portal is a very useful resource if you’ve never explored this marketing channel for your business and I urge you to try it out.

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