4 Ways Mobile Search Is Different

A short and concise list put together by Jason Wells, CEO of ContactPoint on how mobile search is different. Jason touches on some powerful points and the one that stood out to me the most was ‘Mobile Searchers Are Ready to Buy”, which is backed up by some very interesting statistics.

I’ve been seeing some quite interest results myself in Adwords with regards to click through rates. For example, two campaigns exactly the same, other than one is for mobile and one is for desktops, therefore one goes to the normal URL and the other goes to the mobile URL (tip: very important you separate these out).

Over the same period of time, the desktop campaign has 4.29% CTR (click through rate) and the mobile had 8.51% CTR

If you think about it though it kinda makes sense. On a desktop, users are surrounded by many different options, whereas on a mobile, not so. Its much more concise – Food for Thought!

You can read Jason”s full article here – http://www.searchenginejournal.com/mobile-search-4-ways-it-is-different/48911


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